I am Cristina. Born Romanian, French by heart, I feel that I’m belonging to many places in this world where I can call it “home”.

As a mother, as an experienced and trained life coach and a certified practitioner working with personality tools, I use my skills to reflect and share with you my insights on being mindful as a parent, on nurturing ourselves as mothers and creating authentic family traditions.

I have studied and worked in France and thought I will forever be a Parisian, until… until I met Nicolas who is today my husband. Together we have continued our multicultural journeys living in Austria, China, South Korea and currently in Germany. I am grateful to all the cultures I have lived in and learned from.

Our daughter is truly a citizen of the world, being born in Vienna while we were in fact living in Beijing, China. She lived in 5 countries and traveled on 3 continents before she turned 15 months.

Our son has just been born in Germany so that makes us a family of 4 with 4 different countries as places of birth.

I have found my calling, being a life coach, before my daughter was born. When I left Paris, I quit my career in the corporate world and to started it all over again in Vienna. I have trained with the best Coaching Institutes in Paris, London and Vienna, built my own business and dedicated myself to helping people have the life they wanted despite the big challenges they were facing (going back to work after having taken care of their children, quitting jobs, defining their purpose in life,…)

Raising my daughter while moving to China, South Korea and Germany has made me reflect on the school systems in different countries and I have deeply researched on different parenting and educational approaches and philosophies. On this blog I share with you our journey, living in different countries and learning by using an eclectic approach (Montessori, Steiner-Waldorf, Project-based learning, Forest School…)

Thank you for being here!

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