Mothers' Voices: Charlotte from "Hello Maman", Paris, France

I’m so excited to start again my series of interviews Mothers’ Voices that I have initiated in 2015 and delighted to have Charlotte from Hello, Maman as my first guest after such a long pause.

I came across Charlotte on Instagram and we have been following each other for a while. I love Charlotte’s serene and peaceful way of organizing her life so that she can homeschool her son and continue her work as language therapists throughout France. In this interview we talk about how she manages this nomadic life and homeschooling, how homeschooling works in France, her sources of inspiration, how she takes care of herself as a mother and much more.

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Self-care: how to make it work for you

We all recognize the importance of self-care.  At an intellectual level, we all agree. And there are so many lists out there on the blogs, on social medias, in books. Lists of things we could/need/should do in order to take care of ourselves. And yet, how many of the mothers I have worked with in my coaching session and how many of the mothers I have discussed with say they are good at self-care? None.


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Mindfully Celebrating Autumn by Being, Doing, Reading

Having many things to do in autumn is exciting but sometimes, when we focus on "doing", we forget about "being". We can jump from one activity to another without truly living in the moment. So here are some ideas to mindfully celebrate autumn. They come from different philosophies including Montessori and Waldorf, from different cultures and countries I have lived in and from my practice as a life coach.

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Authentic Celebrations: how to create and prepare them

Traditions and celebrations are an important part of our lives and they define every culture in this world. We cherish them in our childhood memories and when we build our own families we want our children to have the best memories possible. But sometimes a lot of stress and frustration come with our attempts to create "the perfect day".

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Easter celebrations: things to do and books to read

Spring and Easter time are wonderful occasions to live with the season, explore nature, encourage creativity and learn about the nature around us.

I wanted to share with you some of the things we enjoy doing in spring and before/ after Easter. And some of the books we love reading

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Learning maths: can it be enjoyable and fun?

When I was little (and also as a grown-up) I hated maths. Maths were so... abstract and cold to me. I studied maths at a pretty high level in the Economics School but I have never enjoyed it. So making maths enjoyable and fun for my daughter sounded like a big challenge to me.

But maths can be fun, I have learned with my little one. And you can learn maths without even knowing it. 

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