Our Montessori- inspired home. Shared spaces between a 4 y.o. and a 4 months old baby

Today I’m showing you around. My daughter is 4 years old now and my son is 4 months old. The set-up in our house being a big open space, they need to share all the spaces so I have adapted the house to suit their needs, despite the big age gap between them.

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Mothers' Voices: Lena from MontiMinis, Germany

I’m so excited to welcome you today to this interview with the inspiring Lena from MoniMinis. Lena lives in Germany where I also currently live. Although we never met in person, I feel like she is a dear friend with whom I love to chat. Lena’s Instagram account and blog are real treasures, filled with wonderful ideas and inspiring posts.

In this interview Lena and I are talking about Montessori education, how to introduce it at home, especially when having more than one child (which is sometimes tricky - I can tell you from my own experience). Lena is also sharing about her daily and weekly rhythm with her children, making time for self-care while mothering, and … she is answering the question we have all asked ourselves: “Do I have to be a perfect mother?”

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On our Bookshelf: Spring Books

Spring is in the air and our cherry tree is preparing its buds for blossom. We hear the birds singing in our garden in the mornings and in the evenings.

I’m trying to soak in every sound and colour and to print these moments in my memory as I know ... I know that this will be our last spring here, in this garden and in this house. We will be changing countries again.

This is always a bitter sweet moment for me. And a reminder that only this moment counts. All we have is “now”. That’s why I’m determined to make the most of our spring.

Our Spring books are out since one month already, since we have celebrated the Spring Festival (aka. Chinese New Year) and I’m sharing them with you today

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Mothers' Voices: Alison Barker, London, UK

Mothers’ Voices is back in 2019 with a new interview. Today I’m introducing you to Alison Barker, a homeschooling mother to two little girls and a Registered Nutritional Therapist who supports women through their different seasons: fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, motherhood… Alison is also hosting a very inspiring podcast “Mothering the Mother

Enjoy this interview where Alison talks about balancing motherhood and work, nurturing ourselves as mothers and finding ways to support each-other. Alison will also share her sources of inspiration as a homeschooling mother.

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Authentic Celebrations: Setsubun, the Arrival of Spring

“Setsubun has been celebrated in Japan for thousands of years, on February 3rd, as a way to commemorate the end of winter (daikan) and the coming of spring (risshun).  Though the days are still very cold with snow days ahead of us, it is a special time during which the concept of rebirth is celebrated, as nature gradually prepares for spring!” - Asumi from @littlemoments_tokyo.

I want to share with you the beauty and the diversity of celebrations from different cultures around the world and about how families mindfully celebrate them. You might find inspiration in the way of preparing and authentically celebrating these festivals. Beyond rituals and traditions there are values.

I am grateful to Asumi from @littlemoments_tokyo who accepted to share with us about Setsubun, the arrival of spring and beginning of a new year in Japan. I love Asumi’s page on Instagram and how thoughtfully she shares with her readers the beautiful and simple moments of life through the eyes of her daughter.

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Family Rhythm Part III: The Morning Basket (Le Panier du Matin)

With more than one child, and especially with a newborn, our homeschooling rhythm has changed. The truth is that, from my daughter’s perspective, I am now less available. I still wanted us to spend time bonding, wondering, laughing, discovering things together and I realized that we needed a structured time when both of us were available and mindful. I have called our special time together “The Morning Basket”, “Le Panier du Matin” in French.

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Mothers' Voices: Simone Davies from The Montessori Notebook, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Today at Mothers’ Voices I am delighted to share with you the story and the wisdom of the wonderful Simon Davies, a mother of teenage children who is also an inspiring writer and Montessori teacher. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Simone is running her own Montessori happy place, the Jacaranda Tree Montessori in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

In this interview, Simone is sharing with us the most helpful principles of the Montessori philosophy that worked for her children over the years, what we do differently when we “Montessori at home” than in schools, the importance of living the values we preach and tips for the inner work that we, as parents, need to do when raising children.

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Siblings & Sharing

With a little one coming soon in our family, I have obviously reflected a lot on … siblings. And inescapably, on sharing. My daughter has lived the first 4 years of her life as the only child and the first 3 years, as the only grand-child on both sides of our family.

And now, here comes a sibling. She has to share with him our space, her toys, our time and even us, her parents. Everything!

Everything? From a very young age, children are expected to share. I think that the word “share” is the most used word in regular gatherings, playgroups, playdates and on the playgrounds.

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On our Bookshelf: Winter Books

Going through our Winter Books I have realized that this is the biggest pile of the seasonal books, probably because in wintertime we also spend even more time reading, especially when it gets dark already around 3 pm.

For this blogpost, I have organized the books in 5 categories: books without text, fiction, non-fiction, Japanese authors and Christmas books.

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