Mothers' Voices: Simone Davies from The Montessori Notebook, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Today at Mothers’ Voices I am delighted to share with you the story and the wisdom of the wonderful Simon Davies, a mother of teenage children who is also an inspiring writer and Montessori teacher. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Simone is running her own Montessori happy place, the Jacaranda Tree Montessori in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

In this interview, Simone is sharing with us the most helpful principles of the Montessori philosophy that worked for her children over the years, what we do differently when we “Montessori at home” than in schools, the importance of living the values we preach and tips for the inner work that we, as parents, need to do when raising children.

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Siblings & Sharing

With a little one coming soon in our family, I have obviously reflected a lot on … siblings. And inescapably, on sharing. My daughter has lived the first 4 years of her life as the only child and the first 3 years, as the only grand-child on both sides of our family.

And now, here comes a sibling. She has to share with him our space, her toys, our time and even us, her parents. Everything!

Everything? From a very young age, children are expected to share. I think that the word “share” is the most used word in regular gatherings, playgroups, playdates and on the playgrounds.

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On our Bookshelf: Winter Books

Going through our Winter Books I have realized that this is the biggest pile of the seasonal books, probably because in wintertime we also spend even more time reading, especially when it gets dark already around 3 pm.

For this blogpost, I have organized the books in 5 categories: books without text, fiction, non-fiction, Japanese authors and Christmas books.

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Mothers' Voices: Sophie from "Chroniques d'une Globe-têteuse", a French Mom in Missouri, USA

Today at “Mothers’ Voices” I’m welcoming Sophie from “Chroniques d’une Globe-têteuse” . We are talking about how to “Montessori” at home, the rhythm of their days when Lynne attends the Children’s House and during the week-end, the challenges of multicultural families, self-care and so much more.

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An Alternate Advent Calendar: Expressing Gratitude

At the approach of Christmas, Hanukkah and other festivals, the pressure is big to buy more, own more, do more. But we don’t necessarily need to give in and follow this trend. There is so much that we have already, own already, do or are already. Mindfully acknowledging these things is already enough.

So this year, I’m preparing a Gratitude Advent Calendar again and I want to share it with you.

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Authentic Celebrations: Hanukkah

I want to share with you the beauty and the diversity of celebrations from different cultures around the world and about how families mindfully celebrate them. You might find inspiration in the way of preparing and authentically celebrating these festivals. Beyond rituals and traditions there are values.

Today let’s learn more about Hannukkah, who starts this year on the evening of the 2nd of December.

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Children Crafts: Beeswax Candles DIY

We light candles for celebrations but also in our daily rhythm to mark the beginning and end of our meals, to bring awareness during our tea ritual and yoga sessions. We use them in the cold, dark winter nights and we light them in our garden during the warm evenings, under the glorious sunset light.

The only thing that changed about candles is that we now make them together

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Mothers' Voices: Lisa Winter from "mama.rainbow.skies", Glasgow, Scotland

I’m so excited to start again my series of interviews Mothers’ Voices that I have initiated in 2015 and delighted to have Lisa Winter from “mama.rainbow.skies”, Glasgow, Scotland as a guest today.

I came across Lisa on Instagram and each time I connect and see her bright, colorful pictures, I feel inspired. I particularly love Lisa and her daughter Cleo’s universe and Cleo’s way of peacefully playing indoors or outdoors, lost in deep concentration.

Lisa is based in Scotland where she raises her “rainbow child” and she has previously lived in Dubai and Athens. In this interview we talk about homeschooling and her sources of inspiration, how she chooses Cleo’s materials and toys and how she gets motivated to go outdoors by any kind of weather. Lisa will also share with us what self-care means to her and how she finds support in her motherhood journey.

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Fostering independence: our daily rituals in charts

Each morning my daughter gets herself ready for the day and in the evening she prepares herself to go to bed. I was pretty sure that my daughter new what’s the next but I have realized that she would easily get distracted by other things.

As our wheal of time with the weekly rhythm worked so well, I have decided to put our daily rituals into simple and illustrated charts.

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