Montessori transferring activities... and how it ended up


I was so excited to do some transferring activities with my daughter during this summer. I took advantage of the nice weather to do this outside (less stress, less cleaning).

We started with chickpeas...

I showed her how to do it and then I have stepped back and let her do her own experience. She was very excited and transferred some of the chickpeas from the bawl on the left to the bowl on the right. And very quickly she brought 2 friends to participate to the activity. A grey bear and a brown one.

At the beginning they were just invited on the tray and she continued the transferring activity


But then the two bears were included to the activity


And they landed... one in each bowl.


To be honest I didn't expected the activity to take this course but I stayed true to one of my key principles (read about it here). I din't interfere. Just observed.

When she was done with the chickpeas I offered her to transfer some polenta:


It has started smoothly and she was very interested in this new material we are using (polenta grains are very thin and soft).


But then it got wild again:


To end up like this:


This was of course not what I have read in my books and my Montessori blogs so I was really puzzled by the proceedings of our activities. I wondered if I didn't present well the activity but everything was "by the book."

"Respect all the reasonable forms of activity in which the child engages and try to understand them."- Maria Montessori

It looks reasonable to me even if the outcome is a little bear swimming in polenta with some clover on top so I respect it!

Note: In Montessori pedagogy, the transferring activities encourage fine motor skills and focus.