Books to celebrate Autumn

Picture: Cristina Pop

As the days are getting colder and the light is fading away, we talk about the changes in the nature and we enjoy the beautiful treasures we collect outside: chestnuts, leaves, pine trees, hazelnuts...

And we love reading these 3 books that capture the subtile arrival of the new season and fill our souls with beauty and poetry

(in French: "Tout est rouge"; in German: "So schön ist der Herbst")


3 little squirrels are taking a walk into the wood with their new red pullovers beautifully knitted by their mom and they notice that the forest too is changing its colors into red. Small details on each page that we also notice in the nature: the birds preparing to leave, the red berries in the trees, the leaves and the sun turning into red: 



My daughter's favorite page in this book is the one with the bear eating red persimmons. The day we received the book we found persimmons in our local organic shop which added even more flavor to the story:


I'm a huge fan of this Japanese author and illustrator and we have some other books by him. We know already well this family of 14 mice. We were very excited to follow their adventures while they celebrate autumn in the forest:


It doesn't matter in which language you are buying it, because it has no text. My daughter loves it because she can relate to many of the pictures and life situations in this book: watching the rain falling, picking up chestnuts, playing with leaves, watching the squirrels. The pictures in this book remind me of my own childhood:


These are the books that accompany my daughter while she discovers the beauty of Autumn.