Our favorite Bedtime Stories (Part 2: Mother love)


There are times when children need to hear stories about how much their momies and daddies love them. They need to hear them over and over again. I believe that they make wonderful  bedtime stories.

These are our 3 favorite books about Mother and Father love for their child:

1. "Guess how much I love you" by Sam McBratney and Anita Jeram

(En français: "Devine combien je t'aime". Auf Deutsch: "Weißt Du eigentlich, wie lieb ich Dich hab?")

You probably all know and love this story about the lithe brown hare who asks the big brown hare to guess the extend of his/her love. At the moment my daughter asks for this story each evening.


2. "Stormy Weather" by Debi Gliori

(En français: "Maman est là quoi qu'il arrive".  Auf Deutsch: "Und wenn es stürmt")

Although the style of the illustration is not my favorite, I do like the message a lot. I think it's a very comforting and loving message for a child to hear just before she goes to sleep: "I'm going to be here for you no matter what"


3. "No matter what" by Debi Gliori

(En français: "Je t'aimerai toujours, quoi qu'il arrive...". Auf Deutsch: "So wie du bist"

Same author and a similar story but the message is focused this time on the unconditional nature of the mother love. I love reading this book over and over again to my daughter. I believe it's so importanttimes for a child to hear that her mom will always love her no matter what. In this story the little fox destroys things, asks his mom if she will still love him if he will became a different animal or an insect.. Also, he wants to know, does she still love him when they are apart? His mother reassures him: "Love never dies"...