Our Autumn Table


During our daily walks in the nature, my daughter loves collecting leaves, chestnuts, acorns and pebbles. At the beginning we just gathered them up on her little "study" table but it soon became too small for all the treasures so I decided to organise the collection a bit. When reading about the Waldorf/Steiner pedagogy I came across the "seasonal table" and it suddenly made sense.

We had already everything we needed to create a Waldorf -inspired autumn table and I just added a little table (Japanese style) on her play area:


Traditionally there is a little autumn gnome on the table but I couldn't find one at a reasonable price so I used this little red Daruma doll that I had already:


A Daruma (or Dharma) is a japanese traditional doll and id used as a talisman for good luck. The Waldorf gnomes have no expression on their face to encourage imagination and neither has a Daruma so I decided to use one of our Darumas instead of a gnome. My daughter adores these little characters and I loved the idea of an Asian touch on our German autumn table. 


Next to the table, we placed our books about Autumn and some cushions on a small Japanese futon to create a cosy space for reading.

We have also added the little basket with hazelnuts for our guest, the squirrel that visits our garden (you can meet him here).


At the beginning I have also placed some apples and plums on the table but they were eaten instantaneously... and I'm pretty sure that this was not the squirrel ;)

Every evening during the diner we light up the little candle on our autumn table. It creates such a beautiful ambiance and my little miss learned a new word, "bougie" (candle in French)


This little "autumn corner" in our house has become my daughter's favorite place. We read here the books about autumn and we observe the similarities between the drawings and the real objects collected:

The chestnuts, the acorns, the leaves, the hazelnuts, the pebbles and the pine cons are wonderful loose parts to play with (if you hang to learn more about The Loose Part theory, you can read here and here)


Important note: My daughter is 20 months old and I know that she won't swallow the little object she gathered and put on the table. But each child is different and you are the person who know best your child so you will know which objects you can place on your seasonal table, depending on the age of your child and her behavior.