Our winter table


On the first Advent Sunday (November 27.) we wrapped up our autumn table and started one for winter instead.

The concept is quite simple: a piece of fabric, a candle, a fruit or a vegetable that represents winter for us (a pomegranate), some animals that makes us think about winter (here a wolf and a hedgehog) and natural elements that we gather during our walks in the nature.


All the materials used are natural: wood, glass, wool and treasures collected outdoors (pine cones, pine tree branches, pebbles and stones...). This space is continuous "work in progress": my daughter brings here everything she gathers during our morning walks and she enjoys observing her little treasures;


Every day we light the candle


And we read the new books about wintertime.


We still have our little basket with hazelnuts for our squirrel. We try to feed her several times a week and she comes now very close to the house to find food. You can meet her here

This winter table has set up a whole new atmosphere in the house.