Creating a Montessori Space for a baby

When my daughter was around 4 months old we decided to create a space for her awaken time. Previously she had spent most of her time in our bed, on our bodies or in the baby sling.

 And very occasionally in a cocoonababy on the couch.

So by the time we started to set up "her room" she has been with us for a while and we got to know her a bit. I knew that a room inspired by the Montessori method would be the right fit for her.

First of all we have created an Activities Space. We fixed a mirror on the wall, next to the window, at her level and added a ship skin on the floor. Here I displayed some objects for her to explore and I rotated them every now and then.



Some objects remained there all the time though: her music boxes as we knew she enjoyed music very much. We used to play some of them when she was in my womb so maybe she remembered them from that time? I don't know.

Mirrors fascinate babies. Placing one next to the Exploring Space encourages them to observe their environment, to pay attention to the reflecting light. They smile to the "fellow" in the mirror who smiles back. Latter on, whey they roll on their tummies they observe their movement in the mirror. It's a great learning object.

Not far from this space, we set up a Care Area: for diapers change and massage. I have placed 2 mats on the floor. One for change and one for massage.

So basically we changed her on the floor and this made things much easier when she started to roll on her tummy.


Since we didn't use our changing table anymore, we transformed it into shelves.  On the first level of the Exploration Shelves we displayed some objects and stuffed animals for her and on the second we had her clothes. On one side we put all we needed for diapers change. 


When she started to roll on her tummy the objects on the shelves attracted her and she headed to these shelves. Later on, when she started crawling, she was able to pick up her favorite objects and explore them.



So we had:

  • Activities Space

  • Care Area

  • Exploration Shelves

And that's it! No bed in this room yet as she continued to sleep in ours. But that's another story :)

I would love to hear about your baby's room!