Dear Expat Mom, this book is for you

Dear Expat Mom,

You have been mothering despite the culture differences, despite the fact you have received so many conflicting advice, despite the distance between you and your family that makes it sometimes impossible to reach out to your own mom or your sister or your friend just to tell them "I'm having a bad day, I don't know what to do to calm down my baby" or "I'm scared: my baby has fever for the first time".

You dared to "give birth to your baby in a place you didn't know for long" (Melissa Uchiyama), you have birthed your baby in an unknown environment while hearing words in languages that maybe you did not understand. You had to rely on strangers for translating your discussions with your doctor or midwife. You followed custom and traditions that were not yours. You embraced the differences.

You might feel you are the only one struggling with all that.

But you are not.

I have been there too. So were other 25 mothers from 25 countries. We wrote this book together. This book is for you, Mamma. "You are not alone and you have never been alone" (Lisa Ferland)

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With love,