On our Bookshelf: Winter Books

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This year I’m getting ready our Winter Rhythm and Winter Books in advance because our family will welcome a new member in the next days or weeks and I know that after the birth I will be less available. I want to keep as mush as possible my daughter’s rituals and rhythm.

Going through our Winter Books I have realized that this is the biggest pile of the seasonal books, probably because in wintertime we also spend even more time reading, especially when it gets dark already around 3 pm.

For this blogpost, I have organized the books in 5 categories: books without text, fiction, non-fiction, Japanese authors and Christmas books.


Books with no text


My daughter spends hours with these books in her hands, looking up for details. They are an endless resource for storytelling and I love them because we can use them as support for the different languages we speak at home. I sometimes discuss them in Romanian and sometimes in French with my daughter. So you can use these books no matter which language you are speaking

  • “Winter-Wimmelbuch” by Rotraut Susanne Berners from a series of books about seasons. We love the big format, that wonderfully features so many details and the gorgeous drawings. We discover something new each time we go through this book and we can follow some of the characters all through the four seasons.

  • “Winter” by Gerda Muller from a series of the 4 seasons. No text, just beautiful, “vintage” illustrations, that always remind me of my own childhood. This book and the whole series are among our favorite books ever

  • “Devine qui fait quoi” by Gerda Muller . The German tittle: “Was war hier bloß los?: Ein geheimnisvoller Spazierganganother”. In Italian:” Indovina che cosa succede. Una passeggiata invisibile”. In Spanish: “Adivina Quien Hace Que: Un Paseo Invisible”. Beautifully illustrated book, an invitation to imagine what the characters did in the story. All we can see are their footsteps

  • “Jour de neige” by Delphine Chedru Children will love this book where they have to guess which animal lest its footsteps in the snow

  • “Hiver” by Marc Pouyet Landart and poetry of nature come together in this lovely little book. We have it only for winter but it exists for each of the seasons of the year

Fiction books


Winter is a wonderful time for storytelling and fairy tales. Here is our selection:

  • “24 contes avant Noël” illustrated by Tony Ross. The English version “The Nights before Christmas”. An inspiring collection 24 stories about Christmas and Wintertime. We had this book already last year and we read one story (or excerpt for the longer ones) each day of the Advent time. I like this concept. Together with our Gratitude Advent Calendar, these 2 rituals are enough to keep us mindful and enthusiastic while patiently waiting for Christmas.

  • “Cœur-des -Forêts a parlé” by Patrick Fischmann It’s hard to tell in words how beautiful this book is: not only the illustrations but also the text and the message it conveys. Definitely one of the books that won our hearts. A subtile message about how we ended up moving away from our roots and the link we had with our planet’s soul. I couldn’t find this book in other languages than French.

  • “Devine combien je t’aime en hiver” by Sam McBratney and Anita Jeram In English: “Guess How Much I Love You in the Winter” A classic “Guess how much I love you” adapted for wintertime. A very sweet book

  • “Neige, le blanc et les couleurs” by Emilie Vast Minimalistic drawings, an iterative story that captures a child’s interest and attention. A little bird called “Neige” (Snow) discovers 7 berries of different colors and when she buries them all, spring comes with all its gorgeous colors. Available only in French.

  • “Par une belle nuit d’hiver” by Jean E. Pendziwol and Isabelle Arsenault. In English: “Once Upon a Northern Night”, In Spanish: “Nana de una noche de invierno”. The magic of a northern winter, beautifully captured in this bedtime lullaby combined with the stunning illustrations of Isabelle Arsenault. The perfect winter book for bedtime or poetry time or just for cold days while snuggling on the sofa with your little ones.

Non-fiction books

  • “Mon jardin en hiver” by Ruth Brown In English: “The Winter Garden” Reading this book brings me back to my own childhood. My daughter loves to follow the different animals in the snow. Like for the other books of Ruth Brown, the illustrations are realistic and impressive, the story is simple yet it has a big impact on the reader. One of my daughter’s favorite books since she was a baby.

  • “A first book of nature” by Nicola Davies Gorgeous illustrations and little stories on different themes for each season. In Winter we are reading about winter trees, singing a snow song, following a deer in the dawn, watching the star show…

  • “L’ours polaire” by Jenni Desmond. In English: “The polar Bear”, in German: “Der Eisbär”,

  • “La baleine bleue” by Jenni Desmond In English: “The blue Whale”, in German: “Der Blauwahl”

    Both books by Jenni Desmond are captivating with many interesting facts and beautiful drawings. We read them throughout the year and even more in winter.

Our collection of books by Japanese authors


Whenever I ask my daughter to pack some books for our travels or short trips she takes some of books from her collection of Japanese authors with her. And she is passionate about the Mice Family and the Squirrel Family. We follow their adventures throughout the year. In our house we all know these books by heart. Unfortunately they are rarely translated in English but you can easily find translations in French and Romanian.

  • “L’hiver de la famille Souris” by Kazuo Iwamura We are reading it in Romanian as well “O zi de iarna cu familia Soricel” The illustrations are in 3D, with stunning details and such a sweet story. The Mice family crafts wooden slides and bakes doughnuts, plays games and sleds down the snowy hill. A peaceful winter family day.

  • “La famille Souris prépare le nouvel an” by Kazuo Iwamura All the preparations of the Mice Family for the New Year (in fact, The Spring Festival, the so-called Chinese New Year)

  • “Vive la neige!” by Kazuo Iwamura Funny and captivating, the story of the 3 little squirrels who slide in the snow, joined by their dad and mom.

  • “Jour de neige” by Komako Sakaï A different universe than the one of Kazuo Iwamura, but also filled with beauty and poetry. A little rabbit who waits the whole day for the snow to stop falling so that he can go out and play.


Christmas books

Ah, Christmas books! We have quite a few too. I will introduce you to our collection in a couple of days in another blogpost. Until then, I would love to hear about your favorite winter books through your comments here or on Instagram