Process art: 4 days, 4 different art supplies

We have a little art space in our house and we make time for art at least once a week. 

Usually my daughter decides by herself what art supplies to use and what to draw. When she is done, I ask a few question about the drawing: what she draw, how she did it, what she used and I get a bit curious about some details. I love to know more about what she sees and how she sees the world around her. 

I encourage Process Art because I think it's not about the result, it's about the process. The journey, not the destination. 

This week we went a step further into Process Art and I initiated for the first time a project where during 4 consecutive days she worked on the same canvas, each day with a different kind of art supplies. Because the concept was new to her, I was in charge of suggesting the art supplies but as soon as she understood the process she came up with many ideas. Probably, the next time, she will be in charge with the whole process.

I bought a A3 format real canvas made of cotton. I explained that she can paint with different art supplies and each day she will add something new to her artwork. 

Day 1: Paint

I presented her the canvas, the pain and different types of brushes


I have suggested 3 colors: blue, green and white.


She painted with them and experimented with different types of brushes. Then she wanted to added some other colors: yellow and pink



Day 2: Yarn and felted wool

I had colored yarn in mind for our day 2. As we had just received the felted wool for our Easter decoration (I was planning to do some felted eggs, you can see the DIY tutorial here) we decided to add some felted wool too.


We chose together the colors.

To stick it to the canvas, I prepared some colored glue: with our ecological glue + some drops of painting (blue and yellow)


My daughter loves creating and inventing things and she always comes up with her ideas. I was even surprised that with this project she followed some of mine. So when she said that besides wool she will add some silk paper on the canvas, I knew that she understood the process and she wanted to be in charge of it.



Day 3: Dried spring flowers

I had some spring flowers that I dried for some creative projects of mine and so I suggested that she could add some of them to her canvas. She likes the idea.


Again, to make them stick, we used ecological glue + pain. This time, she prepared the colored glue (pink and blue)


This also led to some nails painting



Day 4: Glitter

I had glitter in mind as a final touch (as I know how much she likes it) and obviously so did she. Because at the end of Day 3 she suggested to add glitter next. 

For the last day, we added glitter to the glue, and some water at her suggestion, to make it more fluid.



She was so happy and proud with her canvas. And as much as we like the final product, the most important thing here was the process: how we chose the art supplies, the colors, how my daughter came up with ideas and took ownership of the project. Each time she made a step further, I made a step back, so that she can experiment with her own ideas and follow her own creativity. I saw my role here as a mentor and facilitator. I prepared the materials and initiated the process, but she followed her own creativity.


I think that the next time I will encourage her to choose all the art supplies and I will prepare a bigger canvas for her so that she can also experiment with different sizes of artworks.