Children Crafts: Felted Eggs DIY


We have decided this week to experiment with felted eggs for our Easter decorations. It sounded pretty complicated to me at the beginning but it is actually quite easy and fun.

It is something you can do with a little child is she wants to join in. Knowing my daughter, and knowing that she doesn't like to be told what to craft, I have set up this "activity" for myself. But when she saw me preparing the wool she became curious and she asked to join in.

To make the felted eggs you will need:

  • felted wool. Here in Germany we easily find a beautiful felted wool from Glückskäfer, a German brand (you can find it on Amazon too). I like this wool because it's naturally dyed with plants so it's good news for the environment

  • a bowl with warm water and some soap or dishwashing liquid- please consider using an organic one as you and your little one will have your hands in this water for a while

  • a bowl with cold water

  • some soap or dishwashing liquid

  • towels

  • a lot of patience


- Start by lightening the wool a bit and making it less compact and then we made little balls.

I have noticed that rolling one stripe horrizontally to make a little ball and then adding another one vertically made prettier eggs (without cracks)

- Then soak the felted ball into the warm water. Gently pat it for a while to model it and make it look like an egg. If you see cracks coming, add some dishwashing liquid directly on the egg and make some circular movements with your finger on the crack so that the wool stir together 

- When the little egg has more or less the size and shape you want, dive it in the cold water. Continue to gently pat it. If you still see cracks or if you still need to model it, you can soak it  back in the warm water and alternate between warm and cold water several times.

- When you are satisfied with the felted egg, dry it gently with a towel



My daughter enjoyed making one egg but then she lost interest and found herself another creative activity (drawing and painting). I carried on with my felted eggs and made some more.


Some of my eggs looked hopeless with big cracks and holes. So I transformed them in something else: little stands for eggshell beeswax candles ;) So if your felted egg looks hopeless, try to make them become something else!


I have a bit underestimated how much time it can take. It can be a long, calm activity if you allow it to be. Very soothing and meditative.

So I could go on for hours if we didn't need to stop and cook lunch.