Harvest Moon, what we are reading


The Harvest Moon and the Mid-Autumn Festival are approaching and we have our books out.

We are preparing and celebrating in many different ways that I have described in this article, bringing mindfulness to our daily lives and reading is one of them.

On our bookshelf we have some books about the moon and the Harvest Moon, some about the Mid-Autumn Festival, a Harvest Festival celebrated in Asia (a tradition that we have adopted to our family traditions since we lived in China). We have books about watching the moon and the sky and eating at the candle light, as we will be doing this on the 24th of September. And finally, we have some books about harvesting and the seasons


On the upper shelf

  • Moon by Britta Teckentrup “Mond: Eine Reise durch die Nacht” in German. Also exists in Spanish but not in French unfortunately. Stunning illustrations and beautiful silver moon and text. The only thing that I found a bit strange was that the illustrations don’t follow the moon phases.

  • La famille Souris dine au clair de lune by Kazuo Iwamura- only in French

The book takes us through the preparations of the Mice Family for the Mid-Autumn Festival., celebrated with a picnic outdoors while contemplating the moon and thanking her for all her gifts. A beautiful way to explain this celebration to children. My daughter is in love with this book and all those describing the adventure of the Mice Family

  • Hello, Harvest Moon by Ralph Fletcher: beautiful, peaceful, poetical

  • Sky Tree by Thomas Locker and Candace Christiansen- another little jewelry about nature and the change of the seasons. We read it the entire year, not only in Autumn

  • Un diner aux bougies by Eve Hermann- not translated yet. This book is not particularly about the Harvest Moon or Harvest Festivals but its a beautiful Montessori book about children having a candle-lit diner while their parents try to fix up the electricity in their home. At the end of the book, you can learn how to make candles from beeswax blocks. We are reding this because every year we are having a candle-lit diner for the Mid-Autumn Festival and this year my daughter suggested we could make our own candles from beeswax blocks

  • La nuit étoilée by Eve Hermann- not translated yet. A lovely book about discovering the sky at night. Also in our plans for evening of Harvest Moon/ Mid-Autumn Festival on the 24th September

On the lower shelf :

  • La fête des fruits by Gerda Muller "How does my fruit grow?" in English, "Jetzt sind auch die Kirschen reif!: Wo kommen all die Früchte her" in German. Gerda Muller books don’t need an introduction anymore. A gorgeous way to follow the seasonality of fruits through the year and learn more about Autumn’s gifts

  • Ca pousse comment? by Gerda Muller “How does my garden grow?”in English “Was wächst denn da?” in German. A similar concept as for the “How does my fruit grow” but about growing and harvesting vegetables.

  • The reason for the seasons by Gail Gibbons. A more scientific but children friendly approach to the change of seasons

  • La fête d’automne de la famille Souris by Kazuo Iwamura- only in French An absolute favorite in our home, as all the books written and illustrated by Kazuo Iwamura. Such a pity that only a few books of this Japanese author been translated in other languages than French. The illustrations are gorgeous and the story is captivating: the Mice Family forages in the forest and they unexpectedly take part into an autumn celebration organized by the entire forest. A beautiful metaphor for the Harvest Festivals.


Besides reading, we will also be following the “Exploring Nature with Children” notebook this week as the theme is Harvest Moon. We will be making some beeswax candles as my daughter suggested a couple of weeks ago. And of course, we will organise our picnic under the moonlight and watch the moon outdoors, probably in our garden. If you want to see how we will be preparing, you can read my previous posts about “Mindfully Celebrating Autumn: Harvest & Mid-Autumn Festival” and about the mindful celebration of Autum, in general. You can also have a look of the celebration of Mid-Autum Festival in China

I would love to read what you are reading this autumn and if you will be watching the Harvest Moon on the 24th of September. You can write a comment here or on my Instagram page