Authentic Celebrations: Candlemas (Chandeleur)

This year we have decided to start a new family tradition and celebrate Candlemas (Chandeleur in French) on the 2nd of February. Candlemas is a festival of candles and stands for the return of the light and the spring after the cold, dark winter. There are many legends and possible explanations of the origins of this festival, but for us, the meaning is coming together as a family, slowing down (even more that we have already done) and be grateful for the light. The light of the sun, the light of the approaching spring, the light of the love we share in our family.

We will keep it very simple and prepare two things for this festival:

  • Candles

My daughter and I will be making some beeswax candles . You can see our tutorial here

  • Crêpes

Traditionally in France people are eating “crêpes” for Candlemas, as a symbol of the sun. “Crêpes” are different than pancakes as they are very thin. I’m sharing with you my favourite French recipe that I have adapted to a lactose free version and a gluten free version. It’s very easy to make. Do involve your children into preparing the dough (you can read about the importance of cooking with children here)


  • 250 grams flour (I usually use half spelt, half wheat flour). You can use buckwheat flour for a gluten free version)

  • 3 eggs

  • 1 table spoon of olive oil

  • 1/2 later of rice-coconut milk (you can also use almond milk)

  1. Mix the flour and the eggs with the help of a wooden spoon. Add the milk progressively

  2. When your dough is a homogenous mixture, add the olive oil

  3. Leave the dough 2 hours in the fridge and stir it from time to time

  4. The dough should be quite fluid. If it’s too thick add some more rice-coconut (almond) milk before starting using it

To make the crêpes you will need to heat a frying pan and add a bit of olive oil (I don’t use butter). Add a small quantity of dough with a ladle (remember, crêpes are very thin so don’t use too much dough). Spread it carefully to cover the entire surface of the pan. When it starts steaming, turn it on the other side.



Authentic Celebrations that are in line with our family valuesare not easy to create. You can read here about how to find what’s right for you and how to prepare for authentic celebration in this article