Enjoying Autumn with your Children


Autumn is probably my favorite season with all its natural treasures, glorious sunlight, gorgeous colours, cinnamon and pumpkin flavours and apple pies. It’s the perfect time for introspection and inner work, for nature walks, for authentic celebrations and for making crafts with my children.

But it’s also sometimes a bit demotivating to look at blogs and social media and see the perfect pictures of perfect crafts so I believe that in order to make it yours, you may first want to reflect on what’s important for you and for your family and avoid wanting to “do it all'“.

Introspection and Inner Work

So I will share with you some ideas here bellow and links to articles I have written in the past (already!!) 5 years but please take the time first for some introspection about…


First of all, how to mindfully prepare them

And some Autumn Celebrations:

Children Crafts Ideas and Tutorials

Our beloved Autumn Crafts:

Baking and cooking together

Some of our vegan and sugar-free baking recipes, easy and fun to do with toddlers, young and older children:

And also about..


Nothing more enjoyable than to cuddle with your children under a wool blanket with a nice cup of tea and a good pile of books on the rainy and cold days:

Eco-friendly Gifts

If you are looking for beautiful toys that are made with care and respect of the environment, here is my popular Gifts Guide (Waldorf & Montessori)

Exploring Nature with Children

I have been living with my children in countries where people say “there is no bad weather, only bad clothes” so they are used to go out by any kind of weather. To get ready for you nature walks and forest days, here is a list of what you need to take with you, the best tips from our forest playgroup that we have attended in Germany.

And if you are following the Exploring Nature with Children Curriculum (we do search from ideas in this workbook for some of our nature walks), here are some ressources for topics in Autumn: