Our Montessori- inspired home. Shared spaces between a 4 y.o. and a 4 months old baby

Today I’m showing you around. My daughter is 4 years old now and my son is 4 months old. The set-up in our house being a big open space, they need to share all the spaces so I have adapted the house to suit their needs, despite the big age gap between them.

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Family Rhythm Part III: The Morning Basket (Le Panier du Matin)

With more than one child, and especially with a newborn, our homeschooling rhythm has changed. The truth is that, from my daughter’s perspective, I am now less available. I still wanted us to spend time bonding, wondering, laughing, discovering things together and I realized that we needed a structured time when both of us were available and mindful. I have called our special time together “The Morning Basket”, “Le Panier du Matin” in French.

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Children Crafts: Jar Lanterns DIY

Each year in Autumn we craft some jar lanterns for the cold dark, evenings when we light candles in our home almost the whole day, from breakfast to diner time. We also to take some of our self-made lanterns on lantern walks for Martinmas, a beloved and very much celebrated festival here in Germany.

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Children Crafts: Beeswax Candles DIY

We light candles for celebrations but also in our daily rhythm to mark the beginning and end of our meals, to bring awareness during our tea ritual and yoga sessions. We use them in the cold, dark winter nights and we light them in our garden during the warm evenings, under the glorious sunset light.

The only thing that changed about candles is that we now make them together

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Moon Cakes sugar-free : learning about the moon in a fun and healthy way

This year we have made something fun: cookies with the different phases of the Moon. I have seen this on Pinterest with Oreo biscuits and I liked the idea but nobody eats Oreo in our family. We came up with a healthy recipe. It’s vegan, sugar free (except for the sugar naturally contained by honey) and you can make a gluten-free version.

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Learning maths: can it be enjoyable and fun?

When I was little (and also as a grown-up) I hated maths. Maths were so... abstract and cold to me. I studied maths at a pretty high level in the Economics School but I have never enjoyed it. So making maths enjoyable and fun for my daughter sounded like a big challenge to me.

But maths can be fun, I have learned with my little one. And you can learn maths without even knowing it. 

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