On our Bookshelf: Spring Books

Spring is in the air and our cherry tree is preparing its buds for blossom. We hear the birds singing in our garden in the mornings and in the evenings.

I’m trying to soak in every sound and colour and to print these moments in my memory as I know ... I know that this will be our last spring here, in this garden and in this house. We will be changing countries again.

This is always a bitter sweet moment for me. And a reminder that only this moment counts. All we have is “now”. That’s why I’m determined to make the most of our spring.

Our Spring books are out since one month already, since we have celebrated the Spring Festival (aka. Chinese New Year) and I’m sharing them with you today

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On our Bookshelf: Winter Books

Going through our Winter Books I have realized that this is the biggest pile of the seasonal books, probably because in wintertime we also spend even more time reading, especially when it gets dark already around 3 pm.

For this blogpost, I have organized the books in 5 categories: books without text, fiction, non-fiction, Japanese authors and Christmas books.

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Easter celebrations: things to do and books to read

Spring and Easter time are wonderful occasions to live with the season, explore nature, encourage creativity and learn about the nature around us.

I wanted to share with you some of the things we enjoy doing in spring and before/ after Easter. And some of the books we love reading

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Coping with being "different"/ "Ce n'est pas Petit Carré qu'il faut changer, c'est la porte"

At some point in their lives, TCKs feel that they are "different" and they they dont "belong". Their difference is their strength but they seem not to see it (anymore).

A certains moments de leur vie, les TCK (enfants de la troisième culture) peuvent se sentir « différents » et « pas à leur place ». Cette difference est pourtant leur force mais il ne semble pas (plus) la voir. 

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