Siblings & Sharing

With a little one coming soon in our family, I have obviously reflected a lot on … siblings. And inescapably, on sharing. My daughter has lived the first 4 years of her life as the only child and the first 3 years, as the only grand-child on both sides of our family.

And now, here comes a sibling. She has to share with him our space, her toys, our time and even us, her parents. Everything!

Everything? From a very young age, children are expected to share. I think that the word “share” is the most used word in regular gatherings, playgroups, playdates and on the playgrounds.

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Self-care: how to make it work for you

We all recognize the importance of self-care.  At an intellectual level, we all agree. And there are so many lists out there on the blogs, on social medias, in books. Lists of things we could/need/should do in order to take care of ourselves. And yet, how many of the mothers I have worked with in my coaching session and how many of the mothers I have discussed with say they are good at self-care? None.


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