Enjoying Autumn with your Children

Autumn is probably my favorite season with all its natural treasures, glorious sunlight, gorgeous colours, cinnamon and pumpkin flavours and apple pies. It’s the perfect time for introspection and inner work, for nature walks, for authentic celebrations and for making crafts with my children.

But it’s also sometimes a bit demotivating to look at blogs and social media and see the perfect pictures of perfect crafts so I believe that in order to make it yours, you may first want to reflect on what’s important for you and for your family and avoid wanting to “do it all'“.

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Our Montessori- inspired home. Shared spaces between a 4 y.o. and a 4 months old baby

Today I’m showing you around. My daughter is 4 years old now and my son is 4 months old. The set-up in our house being a big open space, they need to share all the spaces so I have adapted the house to suit their needs, despite the big age gap between them.

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Children Crafts: Jar Lanterns DIY

Each year in Autumn we craft some jar lanterns for the cold dark, evenings when we light candles in our home almost the whole day, from breakfast to diner time. We also to take some of our self-made lanterns on lantern walks for Martinmas, a beloved and very much celebrated festival here in Germany.

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Children Crafts: Beeswax Candles DIY

We light candles for celebrations but also in our daily rhythm to mark the beginning and end of our meals, to bring awareness during our tea ritual and yoga sessions. We use them in the cold, dark winter nights and we light them in our garden during the warm evenings, under the glorious sunset light.

The only thing that changed about candles is that we now make them together

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Fostering independence: our daily rituals in charts

Each morning my daughter gets herself ready for the day and in the evening she prepares herself to go to bed. I was pretty sure that my daughter new what’s the next but I have realized that she would easily get distracted by other things.

As our wheal of time with the weekly rhythm worked so well, I have decided to put our daily rituals into simple and illustrated charts.

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