Mindfully Celebrating Autumn by Being, Doing, Reading

Having many things to do in autumn is exciting but sometimes, when we focus on "doing", we forget about "being". We can jump from one activity to another without truly living in the moment. So here are some ideas to mindfully celebrate autumn. They come from different philosophies including Montessori and Waldorf, from different cultures and countries I have lived in and from my practice as a life coach.

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Easter celebrations: things to do and books to read

Spring and Easter time are wonderful occasions to live with the season, explore nature, encourage creativity and learn about the nature around us.

I wanted to share with you some of the things we enjoy doing in spring and before/ after Easter. And some of the books we love reading

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Spring traditions in a multicultural family

As a family with different cultural backgrounds who lived in 6 countries, we have gathered so many beautiful traditions and celebrations. And many of them are for Spring! In this blogpost I'm sharing with you many ideas that you can integrate into your own spring celebrations.

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