An Expat Child's perspective.

"The only challenge was going through different school systems"

Amel is an Algerian born in India. She grew up in India, then Algeria, then Serbia and then Uganda. 3 of those countries were war zones while she was living there. She spent her life as an adult in France, Iran, Austria and in the US. Amel defines herself as a "serial migrant, a third culture adult and an expat partner".


I invited her to give us the perspective of the "Expat Child". I know that we, as parents living abroad and moving around, sometimes worry about the impact of our decisions on our children.

Was she happy? Was she "traumatized" by changing countries and schools? Let's listen to what Amel has to say:

Amel is hosting an inspiring podcast dedicated to empowering expat partners. Listen here to her podcast Tandem Nomads.